The Covent Garden Practice offers the full compliment of counselling and psycho-therapeutic methods. Our brief overviews are only the start in understanding what course feels most appropriate; we explore and advise on the most suitable framework during our initial face-to-face consultation. Our highly trained therapists may combine different therapeutic methods to best suit an individual, so this is just a guide.


Problem solving, issue-focused therapy | Develop coping techniques


Explore unconscious processes affecting relationships | These processes may relate to unresolved issues in the past


Find personal understanding | Articulate your conscious experience from your point of view through an empathic and non-judgemental connection


Change structures in families or couples | Effect patterns of communication or behaviour detrimental to interactions and feelings within relationship groups | Find new ways of communicating


Who am I? Why am I this way? | Relationship between current circumstance and present you | Take control, find the strength to make choices and re-direct the future you


After working intensively on problems during rehab, it is important to continue the therapeutic work in the home environment. We have a specific after care services that continues the important work that took place during rehab and implements the changes in the home environment. We collaborate with Hope Rehab Center in Thailand, and see their London and UK based clients.

For more information on alcohol and substance abuse rehabilitation, please visit their


The essence of therapy is to explore one’s path, and the path of someone who identifies as gay can give rise to new freedoms and choices, as well as expectations, anxieties and challenges in relationships. These may be related to sex, marriage or starting a family (or not), which some may feel unprepared for or keen to challenge and individualise their view. Specially trained and experienced therapists can explore emotions and behaviours relating to specifics such as sexual fetish, chemsex, drug addiction, HIV and other STD’s


Coming together in a group can be a very effective way for people to both be challenged by- and also receive support from, individuals who share similar experiences to them. The group may offer advice and help a person see their difficulties in a new light. Sometimes the realisation that one is not alone in ones problems can be healing on its own.

Typical groups we run are:

  • Anxiety groups
  • Gay mens groups
  • Loneliness groups

We run groups regularly when there is enough people. Usually there are around 6 people in a group. To register interest, please get in touch.

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